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AONE.control Wifi System

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Introducing our new concept for Wifi lighting control: ONE.control. One solution, for every one. With options for white colour tuning (or LUNAcx), 12/240V dimming, daylight sensing and RGB. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive solution that allows full control of your lighting by communicating to your lighting devices wirelessly. We will unveil our prototypes for demo during the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2013. Even if you are not attending the event, continue reading to see what this future tech can do.

AONE.control for Colour Xchange technology

Colour temperature tuning

Our colour temperature tuning setting allows compatible lamps to be controlled via ONE receiver or via individual control. Like our LUNAcx solutions, independently or simultaneously control the light output and colour temperture of your lighting. 

AONE.control for 12/240V dimming

12/240V Dimming

Easily dim the light levels to a desired setting, whether it's a single or multiple sources, all without the worry and hassle of extra electrical wiring. 

AONE.control for daylight sensors

Daylight sensing

While still in prototype phase, our goal is to have pre-set settings that will intuitively account for the time of day, the existing light levels, and lighting sensitivity.

AONE.control for RGB colour changing

RGB Control

Ideal for hospitality and retail application, this setting would allow a full spectrum of colour scenes.

Get some control

This exciting AONE.control system is a shining example of the growing importance of control in lighting projects. Expect to see consumer-ready versions beginning Spring 2014.

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