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CrystalCool™ Thermal Management

CrystalCool thermal management technology

Next generation thermal management

4D Ceramic Nanolayers

Heat is conducted away from the LED chip and Aluminum MCPCB (1) by CrystalCool's specially designed nano-layering structure (2) and nano carbon layer (3).

CrystalCool uses nanotechnology to provide extremely effective heat dissipation and thermal management.

LEDs generate significant amounts of heat in order to produce light. This normally requires a large thermal heatsink to adequately cool an LED lamp. The higher the lumen output, the more LEDs required, the larger the heatsink.

Heat directly affects an LED lamp's quality of light over time. Without adequately channeling the heat away from the lamp's temperature sensitive electronics, colour temperature can shift and lumen output depreciation accelerates. Clearly, LED lamp reliability and longevity depends on its thermal management.

300% faster heat dissipation

CrystalCool Exploded View

With CrystalCool technology, 150 layers of decreasingly dense, 4D ceramic nano material conduct heat away from the lamp's temperature-sensitive electronic components, and a carbon nano-coating radiates the heat away from the PCB.

Regular MCPCB vs. CrystalCoolThe layers form a 3D surface upon the aluminium metal core printed circuit board, or MCPCB. The fourth dimension is time as heat produced by the LED travels through the layers, enabling increasingly rapid dissipation as the nano material becomes less dense. One effect is a 10 percent reduction in temperature at the solder point, which enables increased reliability.

Higher quality, brighter light for longer™

CrystalCool and Extended Lamp LifeSuch efficient thermal management allows for an ultra high lumen output and lifetime, meaning lamps can now produce a higher quality of light, for longer.

Additionally, CrystalCool dramatically slows the rate of lumen depreciation. Relying solely on conventional heatsinking will help with the gradual fading of LED light, but, as the graph shows, it still diminishes at a much faster rate when compared to CrystalCool thermal management. 

CrystalCool is a crucial technology for select fire rated downlights and our new AOne Lamps range, optimised for use in enclosed luminaires.

The coolest products in lighting

You'll find CrystalCool thermal management in these exciting products:

Thermal management technology so advanced, you'll find it protecting the International Space Station. Now available on Earth in select lamps and luminaires.


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