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T8 LED Tubes

Premium solutions for reliable retrofits

Aurora's T8 LED tubes are a perfect, low energy replacement for T8 fluorescent tubes in offices and other commercial applications. Available in premium and emergency, our T8 LED tubes come in 600, 1200, 1500 and 1800mm. To ensure our lamps' reliability, we rigorously test each LED tube before it leaves the factory. For an added level of safety, our LED starter accessory prevents risk of electric shock when inserting or removing lamps from the luminaire.

What goes into an Aurora T8 LED tube?

Accredited testing

Aurora's range of LED tubes has been independently tested in the UK by the Lighting Association, proving that the design has eliminated the risk of electric shock when installing the tube into a luminaire. Our tubes have also been tested in accordance with IEC 62471 (photobiological safety of lamps) and it was found that our tubes are biologically safe.

Solid length metal core

Both the 600 and the 1200mm tubes have continuous, solid length metal core printed circuit boards, or MC-PCB, to prevent any breakage. Other manufacturers can only produce 600mm PCBs. Aurora can produce 1200mm PCBs, which eliminates the need for a joint in 1200mm tubes.

SMD chips

Aurora T8 tubes feature high lumen output SMD3528 / 3020 / 3014 surface mount LEDs. This allows for an average of 80 lm/W and a high colour rendering index of 80. Our premium tubes come with three rows of LEDs.

Multiple colour temperatures

Aurora tubes are available in either neutral 4000K or cool 6400/6500K. Colour temperature plays a critical role in circadian rhythm and the right colour temperature at the right time can even increase productivity. Learn more about colour temperature in our Light Lab.

Impact resistant diffuser

Our polycarbonate diffuser can withstand impact from falls and other knocks. Choose from either a clear or frosted diffuser. 

Rotatable end caps

Unlike fluorescent tubes that produce light from all angles, LED tubes produce light from a 120 degree angle for 100 percent useful light output. Rotatable end caps allow the lamp to be adjusted to the correct position for optimum light output. 

Meet our Premium T8 LED Tubes

These lamps feature 3 rows of LEDs for high lumen output. They're non-dimmable and have a high power factor greater than 0.90. With a lifetime of 30,000 hours to 70 percent lumen maintenance, they come with a 4 year guarantee.

  • Step 1: Choose your length, either 600, 1200, 1500 or 1800mm.
  • Step 2: Choose your diffuser, either clear or frosted.
  • Step 3: Choose your colour temperature, either neutral 4000K or cool 6400/6500K.

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T8 Emergency LED Tubes

Our T8 Emergency LED Tubes save you from getting caught in the dark with 3 hour maintained emergency back up operation. With a lifetime of 30,000 hours to 70 percent lumen maintenance, they come with a 4 year guarantee. Emergency versions come in two lengths: 600 and 1200mm. Choose either clear or frosted diffuser, and neutral 4000K or cool 6400K. 

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Time to accesorise

T8 LED tube replacement emergency pack

  • 10W replacement for 600mm: AU-EM8600
  • 20W replacement for 1200mm: AU-EM8120
  • 3 hour maintained emergency backup.

LED starter accessory

  • AU-T8STR
  • 110-265V
  • LED starter prevents the risk of electric shock when lamps are inserted or removed from the luminaire. 


Benefits of LED vs. Fluorescent

  • Can operate in cold temperatures (-20 to 40 degrees celsius)
  • Long lifetime = minimal maintenance
  • No stroboscopic flicker
  • Mercury free
  • Energy savings = ROI
  • Ballast free

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