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IC Rating

Understanding IC rating

"IC" stands for insulation contact. If a downlight has an IC rating it means it can be directly covered with insulation. Downlights that are non IC-rated cannot come in direct contact with insulation. 

Covering downlights: why is it necessary?

Building regulations mandate that insulation is laid unbroken over the whole ceiling area to avoid heat loss through gaps in the insulation. These gaps are known as thermal bridging. This means that insulation cannot be cleared away from downlights in loft spaces, as was common practice. 

IC covers can be fitted onto various Aurora non-IC fire rated downlights. 

Of course, to comply with fire regulations, non-IC rated downlights cannot be covered with insulation. The challenge of producing a downlight that can be covered with insulation is the heat generated by the lamp. Previously, insulation was cleared around and above the downlight to allow heat to dissipate. All light sources generate heat as a byproduct.

If this heat is trapped by a covering of insulation, it could result in a significant reduction in lamp life, lampholder failure, discolouration of the ceiling, plus other issues. Some manufacturers claim that insulation can be laid directly over their halogen downlights, independent testing has proved that this is not advisable due to high temperatures generated by halogen lamps, which results in overheating. 

Aurora's solutions

Aurora's insulation guards and insulation caps allow insulation to be laid directly and continuously over non-IC rated downlights. Choose Aurora's downlight insulation guard to protect non-IC rated downlights and choose Aurora's patented insulation covers to convert our fire rated downlights to IC rated. 

Insulation Covers

Compatible with Aurora's fire rated downlights, these covers have two sets of fixing posts to fit with different fire rated downlights. 


Compatible with:

  • AU-LPB993
  • AU-DLM903
  • AU-DLL993
  • AU-DLL693
  • AU-DLL692
  • AU-DLL691
  • AU-DLL472
  • A2-FPK953
  • A2-FPK951
  • A2-FPK943
  • A2-DLM941
  • A2-DLM723
  • A2-DLM671


Compatible with:

  • A2-DLL952
  • A2-DLM942
  • A2-FPK952
  • AU-DLL482
  • AU-DLL911
  • AU-DLL913
  • AU-DLL991
  • AU-DLM843
  • AU-DLM901
  • AU-DLM981
  • AU-DLM983
  • AU-LPB991


Compatible with:

  • AU-LPB992
  • AU-DLM982
  • AU-DLM902
  • AU-DLM842
  • AU-DLM841
  • AU-DLL992
  • AU-DLL912
  • A2-DLM761
  • A2-DLM672

Insulation Guards

Use these for any non-IC rated downlight.  These galvanised steel guards suit mains or low voltage downlights and associated transformers, downlights up to 140mm high, and locations with above ceiling access. They withstand loads up to 20kgs. 


340 x 340 x 150mm


220 x 220 x 140mm


IC-rated products can be directly covered with insulation, as building codes stipulate that insulation cannot have any gaps.

IC matters...

  • In the UK
  • In loft spaces / ceilings
  • In multistory applications

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